Develop information into knowledge for presentation

  • How should I present the information to best share what I learned with others?
  • How do I organize the notes for my final presentation?
  • Have I analyzed and used the information effectively?
  • Are my conclusions based on the research evidence?
  • How do I organize my citations into a bibliography and what format will I use?
  • How do I integrate technology to enrich, publish, or present my project?
1)Using WORD to easily CITE your sources and create a WORKS CITED page......student directions.......written by WASHA

2)How to catch a plagiarist-Article-reviewed by Washa

3)Writing the Body of the Paper - Website - Reviewed by Santana & Lahey

4)A very user-friendly site for writing a bibliography - website - reviewed by Roderman

5)Use this site to organize, share and save all research sources and publish a sweet bibliography. - website reviewed by Schulman

6)Tips on how to organize and write a research paper - website reviewed by Wills

7) Basic of APA Style TUTORIAL - Reviewed by Santana