Questions Asked in Reference and Research Subcategory

Multiple Choice Question Stems

What suggestions does the author make to ? (analyze and evaluate)
What information shows the author's personal biases? (validity and reliability)
Which of these is an example of? (analyze and evaluate information, classification)
According to the article, which question is correct? (validity and reliability)
From this article, the reader can tell that (conclusions and inferences)
According to the article, why ?
This informatiion is important today because
What can you conclude about _from reading both articles?
What was true of both individuals featured in these articles?
Based on information from both articles, which of these conclusions is accurate?
The information in this article/chapter/pamphlet/graph/statistical illustration/table could best be used in a research report on_?
Which statement best describes_?
How does the selection help the reader to understand _?
According to facts in both essays, what was the most important _?
According to these articles, what is the main reason for _?
Which conclusion about _is best supported by the passage?