1)18 question quiz taken from TRAILS: Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills-Washa
2)Lesson 1 - This is a student lesson designed to be an introduction to Destiny and One Search. All 6th graders have completed this lesson. Created/written by Washa (each student will need a computer/or students can work in pairs)

3)Lesson 2 - This lesson reviews concepts introduced in Lesson 1, the AlligatorScavenger2010 and introduces more advanced search skills. Created/written by Washa (each student will need a computer or students can work in pairs)

4)Stormbusters is a good webquest I created several years ago to introduce research. - Webquest - created/written by Schulman

5)How to use Socratic Seminars with your students created/written by Leibowitz

6)Teacher resources and lesson plans: including collaboration projects
http://www.theteacherscorner.net/- reviewed by Hammer

7)Excellent site for lessons involving research. Use the search box and type: research. website - reviewed by Washa

8) Star Wars Internet Scavenger Hunt - Reviewed by Santana

9) 12-Day Lesson on Conducting Research for Expository Papers - Reviewed by Santana

10) This multimedia unit research unit reports the facts about environmental injustices - Reviewed by Santana